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Hi, I'm Amanda

I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for turning small businesses into thriving success stories. By nature, I’m an integrator. When presented with a need or an idea, I can see the parts and pieces that need to be put in place to make that vision come to life.

Operations Training

Build & create processes to make it easier to run your business.


Let me do the things you don't want to do.


Employee or Client events.

What my clients say

Amanda is amazing and knowledgeable she truly has helped my business in many ways. I highly recommend her. She has helped me with a wide range of things from point of sale to advertising. Thank you so much look forward to continuing to work together to grow my business even further! 💕

Felisha Diaz, PYT Parlor

"I have known Amanda for over 14 years, she has handled all aspects of the office side of my business with care and professionalism. I could not run my business without her! I would highly recommend her." 

Jeff Finney, Kaleidoscope Painting

Amanda is absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and detailed in her work. Her dedication and genuine desire to be of help has been a great gift to our small business.

She has helped us in implementing and streamlining our day to day tasks through the creation of spreadsheets and completion of our appointment system which has been of great help with helping to stream line our day to day tasks.

Thank you so much Amanda for your attention to detail and your effective and timely manner in completing our projects.
It truly is a pleasure working with you.

Judi Mata, Summer Glow Spray Tans

Thank you to @make_it_pop_kansas_city for the perfect “Sweet 16” balloon bouquet to celebrate my Best Gal! It’s perfect and she loved it! 🖤
When I needed a gift to celebrate one of my besties getting an award, I knew where to go! Thank you @infullbloomgardner and @junquedrawer for the perfect gift to celebrate her! 🖤
Honored to have been on the Happy Tans podcast! Grant is so amazing at making the interview feel like a conversation! Thankful for the opportunity to share my story! 🖤
With Spring approaching, it felt like a good time to “refresh”…so excited to have collaborated with @happy.tans to create something new! Their team was so easy to work with and made the whole process easy! Welcome to the “refreshed” Small Business Savvy! ✨
Attended the “Women in Business Breakfast” this morning, hosted by the Gardner Chamber of Commerce. Very inspiring panel of women! I also got to bring home these lovelies from Wild Hill 😍
Shout out to @pinkelephantstudiokc  for the custom “Can Cooler Duos” I had made for a friend’s birthday. I ordered eight so that each person could have their own momento from our trip! I can’t rave about these enough! With the interchangeable lid, you can pour cold drinks in and sip through a straw OR trade out for the ring and put a can or bottle in it! It was so easy to order! I created the design and emailed it and they were completed in a couple days! Check them out! 🖤
🎉 Big news coming your way! Two incredible, women-owned businesses have teamed up for an AMAZING collaboration! 🌟

Recreating Rays (Kansas City’s Premiere Spray Tan Studio) teamed up with Yawa & Co to offer a moisturizing option after receiving the perfect glow. This body cream *just happens* to be in Recreating Rays’  signature scent…and it’s YUMMY! IYKYK 😉. All of the ingredients are spray tan safe AND good for your skin, even if you don’t have a spray tan! As you can see in the next pic…I have A LOT of Yawa & Co products! 

📣 This isn’t just about business, it’s about supporting each other 💃
Empowered women empower women! Babes Support Babes!
😁Absolutely thrilled about the shopping event I attended @kcwineco this weekend! It was an amazing opportunity to discover local small businesses that caught my eye.  I loved having conversations with passionate owners about their unique products. 🎁 The handmade soaps and ingenious upcycled décor items became instant favorites. The atmosphere was one of community, respect, and mutual support, quite unlike many commercial settings. Since then, I've been raving about these small business finds to everyone I know. The event was a fantastic reminder that supporting local businesses creates stronger, more vibrant communities. Let's Shop Local! 
Products I found and instantly loved: 
Face Oil & Lip Balm from Yawa & Co 
"Renewed" Candle from DSCover Ur DZine 
Black Earrings from Ivy Lena 
Sweet & Salty Cookie from Brown Suga 
Shirt from Team Cocktail 
🎉 What small wins did you achieve this week? I want to celebrate with you! Share your personal accomplishments, proud moments, or things that made you smile. 😍 Let's fill our feed with love, gratitude, and positivity. #SmallWinsCelebration 🌟
🕰️ Ever feel like you've lived a thousand lives in just two decades? Well, buckle up for this Throwback Thursday! 🎭 Over the last 20 years, your girl has experienced a lot – from my humble beginnings to reaching new heights, I've worn many hats and learned so much with each role. 
And can I just say how grateful I am for the glow-up! ✨ 
The forties are a good decade to be in! 💪 
#TBT #fortiesarethebest
☑️ Struggling to grow your small business? 🚀✨ Don't worry, Small Business Savvy is here to help! Our unique skill set allows us to personalize our services based on YOUR needs. 
🤝 As a fellow entrepreneur, we understand the challenges you face and provide tailored solutions💰 
🌟 Get ready for some life-changing results! Reach out now and let's transform your business together 👉🔗 #SmallBusinessSavvy #BizGrowthExpert #TheFutureIsYours
Am I right?! ✨ 
I love inspirational quotes & song lyrics (even though I mess them up...𝐨𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐧). I saw this one day spray painted on the side of a train. While I couldn't get my camera out in time to snap a pic, it has always stayed with me. 
Intuition, energy and vibes are all important pieces of decision making. 
It feels right or it doesn't. 
Am I right?
Can you believe it's June already? 😮 ❕ 
Honestly, how can we be halfway through 2023? 
As summer sets in, I'm looking forward to meeting with small business owners and working on ways to help them streamline, create new processes and grow! 
What are you looking forward to? 
How many hats do you wear? 🧢 🤔 
Are you a small biz owner? 
Working mom? 
No matter what we do, we’re always multi-tasking & wearing many “hats”. What’s the hardest thing about wearing multiple “hats”? Let me know in the comments. 
#smallbiz #multitasking #justbreathe
Can I buy you a drink? ☕ 🥤 
Do you know a small business that could use my services? 
Tag them below or DM me 
Enjoy a “drink on me” for the referral! 
I appreciate you!
Hi, my name is... 🎶 👋 
Amanda! I have a real passion for small businesses. I made the switch from corporate America in 2001. Over the last 20 years I have been the ✔️office manager for an electrical contractor, ✔️performed bookkeeping and payroll for a small painting contractor, ✔️been a virtual assistant for my favorite blogger, ✔️started my own spray tanning company, which I later closed to merge with another small spray tanning business and been ✔️the member director for an association that had members all over the world. 
I love to help and be the support system that small businesses need.


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